Partners Bank of California - Never get loan from this bank

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This bank claims to be a business bank.If your business ever gets into trouble there isn't a person that will work with you.Visit the branch and you will wonder if it is even a bank.

3 different CEO's in five years.Beware of promises about customer service absolutely none. I think they only have less than fifteen employees. This bank was set up by e few local doctors that want to get this bank up and running in hopes to cash out. With economic debacle there plan failed but.

The bank exists in hopes that the shareholders can eventually cash out.

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Partners Bank of California - Unethical Practices by Partner's Bank of California

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Beware of this bank when opening an individual account.They do not seem to appreciate this type of business and will refuse to do business with an individual.

They do not possess good customer service; especially the CEO, L Bruce Mills. I received a letter from them suggesting that since I lived outside a specific radius of the bank that they do not see a business basis to do business with me.

They also suggested I bank at a location that pays higher interest rates on my CD.Complaints have been filed with the Better Business Bureau and the California DFI.

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